CES 2016

Special Page for CES 2016

This temporary page is to feature the intel flowing from the 2016 CES Las Vegas. Official Site Here.

Conference Keynote Speeches & Other Videos

Update: some real audio spotted by Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound

You could be forgiven for thinking that CES was light on audio and all about screens and gadgets this year. So it's good to have a report that gives an overview of the many audio offerings, from Neil Gader of The Absolute Sound. As he says, it was a battle to get his test CD played when everyone was using iPads or streaming!

Day 2 - via What*HIFI - Major Company Pressers

Major Brands Press Conferences, Announcements.

Day 3 - New Products

New products from Naim, McIntosh, and more.

Cnet's Roundup of The Best

"CES 2016 didn't chnage the world ... ", no, but it indicates where things are heading. Was it as exciting as previous shows? Cnet have a good roundup of products and trends.

Rob Enderle at Tech News World

Behind the scenes at CES. Rob's report includes his enthusiasm for Panasonic, and Technics.

The BBC Tech Page

BBC have a page which links to videos about all the new stuff.

The Key Trends for thye Year Ahead

Joe Cox at What* HIFI has the lowdown on the lessons to be drawn from CES. 7 Key Trends for the Year Ahead.