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The birth of multiculturalism ...

Party? More like "welcome to my nightmare ..."

Sunday Best, with parasol!

The glass is half full, and I think she may be too!

Duke, have you stopped beating your ... er, drum?

Hi! You sound really close ...

Those early low-budget tours were exhausting ...

John Cleese on a break between Monty Python and Fawlty Towers.

What does a girl have to do ...?

The name is Last ... James Last.

How come they all look over 30?.

Eh, Mr. Last: zis ees river, no beach.

Does my rose look big in this?

The stuff that Mono dreams are made of ..

The Wallace & Grommit School of Dance

What a tangled web ...

Please buy this record, please!

Would you like to go south of the border with me, senor?

Darling, I think you overdid the cream a tad!

Sing? 'course we can bloody sing!

Whoever took my clothes and did this is a dead man!

Dancing, cheek to cheek ...

Where Hitler really went after WW2

At last, the roadie with our new Kombi!

Simply a MOR classic!

No comment needed.

Meet you where?

More of Skippy's large show-biz family

"Help! My left foot's stuck in this sax!"

"Golden what?"

(Reward for getting to the end of the page!)

And the winner is Carmen!

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