Record Store Day - Getting the best out of LPs

Record Store Day keeps coming around! The renewed enthusiasm for this analogue format - which got going in the 1950s and became stereo in about 1956 - is something to see.

How To Get The Best Out of LPs - go to the Hifi & Home Theatre Page for the whole story.

That's nearly all of my LP collection in the photo above - currently being culled as there are way too many! It continued around the corner a little further!

StereoNet - My Recent Article

I did a piece on how direct drive turntables have been slandered without justification. Controversial? Moi?

Sound & Image - My Previous Article

The February/March 2017 Issue is full of interesting reading, including at page 70 my piece on using subwoofers for music. "Sub judice: is the jury still out regarding the use of subwoofers for music?"


The Saleswatch Page has a range of things that I need to move just to make room for more speaker builds! As a collector over a number of years, and a hobby builder of speakers, I nearly always have things that can be moved on to make room for the next project.

While my speakers may not have commercial or craftsman finish (they are improving on that front) they have all been voiced after analysis by my experienced ears and they do sound excellent. It's just a cost and space recovery exercise, so you are not paying for profit margin!

You too could become a speaker builder of note if you absorb the lessons in our section (see below) The Truth About Loudspeakers.

Bookmark it now!

The Truth About Loudspeakers

This is a very informative section of the site, where we have the benefit of an experienced speaker designer to tell you a whole lot of home truths about the trade-offs, misapprehensions and commercial expediencies often involved in speaker design. But he also gives guidance on how to make them sound better!

Noted speaker designer Ralph Waters (who founded Richter Acoustics and Subsonic) wrote a series for us on what makes them sound good bad, or indifferent. Some of the revelations may shock you. You'll find his hard-hitting expose on our dedicated page for his guest appearances, which we'll call Speakers' Corner.

See also where Ralph discusses Horn Speakers. On another page you'll find discussion of Subwoofers, including external links to pages which help you set one up properly - not something that you should do in a haphazard fashion! (like I tend to do, by ear - naughty)

Unconventional Speakers - My Article In June/July 2015 Sound & Image Magazine

I wrote this article some time ago, but it got lost in the email-ethernet continuum. The June/July 2015 edition is full of good things, and is worth buying as a back-issue anyway, but if you're interested in speaker designs which depart from the conventional forward-firing models, even sending the signals around at various angles, do check it out.

UPDATE: My next article on using subwoofers for music, not just home theatre, will be in the February/March 2017 issue of Sound & Image.

My Sonos Addiction

It started with just one zone, now there are five. Where will it end, and what gives it this strange power? Article is halfway down the Hifi page. Part Two is on the Retro Gear page, where I describe a frankensteinian experiment splicing Sonos into a Grundig valve radiogram.

Others have entered the wireless multi-room market, and we'll have a look at them as they come along, but Sonos had a head start and has kept evolving.

Online Hifi Magazines

The Hifi Headlines magazines - which I wrote and edited for Len Wallis Audio for quite a few years (up to 2014) can be found in free online readable form here - that's the recent ones, anyway! Mine are out of date and elsewhere.

"My Life At The Movies"

Not by any means comprehensive, and purely personal, but I've recounted the movies I've liked over many years, mainly by decade!

I'm following the iTunes 99c Weekly Movies at this page too. A fair few of them have been amazingly good! Otherwise it might be something from Netflix or just a DVD I've caught up with recently.

News Page

We pick the stories of interest and give links at NEWS PAGE.

Retro & Vintage Gear

I'm into the odd bit of retro gear, and have started a page for it here. Feel free to email me about what gear you enjoy or would like to get for yourself.

How Valve Amplifiers Work

Have you wondered how those glowing bottles do the magic they do? Charl Du Plessis explains it on this page.

Future Predicted

It's around 13 years since I wrote The Future of Retailing. In it I said that the distance between the manufacturer and the consumer would continue to shrink.

"This trend is going to grow as people gain confidence in their ability to assess and to make purchasing decisions without visiting a retailer."

The growth of boutique "own brand" stores and manufacturers selling direct to the public online continues. I also chanced my arm in 2005 and said that "By 2015, I expect a large percentage of retail to be online transactions." That trend is well underway and will continue to grow - it's now an uncontested fact of life. Update: Here's the view as at 24/1/2015!

There have been many articles since my first effort, including this one from News.com.au in 2011. In Articles I also suggested a shape for a specialist store, realising that such species were threatened by all this development.

I've done some updates at Articles which you might find of interest. You can also find my 2007 article about Records To Die For on the (now archived!) Star AV site.

For the Most Recently added Items - see twitter feed at foot of this page.

Hifi Manuals

See links to the relevant pages from various manufacturers on our Links Page.


I make regular recommendations of albums - mainly jazz and classical - and review live shows I've been to.

New Products Page

This is not exhaustive, just those ones which catch my attention, but there's nearly always something of interest appearing on the market.


Lately I've been looking again at what shape your local hifi retailer might take as the various forces reshape the retail world. Online sales continue to grow, but will not entirely replace the store, which must become a destination of sorts

You can find this and other articles, such as "Made In Japan?" here in the articles section.

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