This page is now for things I have for sale - I have dropped the ebay listings, Gumtree, etc. Having been a collector and now a speaker builder I nearly always have things that can be moved on to make room for yet another speaker build!

Note: I sell my speakers just as a cost recovery and space freeing exercise. They have all passed muster as producing great sound and usually run happily on an average integrated amplifier or Sonos ConnectAmp.

These items are located in Sydney, NSW, Australia. Freight within Australia can be arranged at buyer's expense.

Audio Authority Comparator - suit shop or speaker developer

This is actually my mate Ralph Waters (of Richter fame) selling a lovely comparator that I used in my shop in Canberra - he bought it when we closed down but has not used it so is letting it go.

It allows comparison of different speakers either as pairs or as a group, and can switch an entire 5.1 system if required. Details are here on Stereonet.

Beyma Speakers - 2 ea Woofers and 2ea Midrange with coaxial Horn Tweeters

These are also Ralph's very special drivers that with his good advice could be the heart of a spectacular pair of speakers. He advises tat they should be used for best results with an active electronic crossover. He's willing to give expert advice on the way the cabinets should be designed and built.

The drivers are $750, a pair of high quality electronic crossovers (not included) probably $250, and then whatever the cabinets cost to build. By the end of the process you should have speakers rivalling commercial ones at ten times the price.

Details are at Stereonet's classifieds section.

My Items

Email Geoff at homeentertainment dot com dot au. Ask me for more details or more photos if you like.

SOLD: Floor Standing Open Baffle speakers $299

I've attempted to emulate ribon or electrostatic speakers with this trio of open-back drivers. Like the Coral Flat 10 there's no bass below 60Hz, but you can listen to them without a sub - I prefer always to use a subwoofer though.

The reflected sound gives a wide and deep soundstage, and there's a speed and delicacy of detail while being full-bodied. This may surprise some people who believe that only boxes can work!

SOLD: Large Floorstanding Speakers, 12" bass, bipolar midrange (there's a Marantz midrange facing forwards and a Magnavox midrange facing backwards to give a more spacious sound). Open to offers over $400. These are my latest build - which is my hobby in retirement, as you may already know. With this model you will get the usual trademark fine sonic detail without hard edges, and a fairly full-range sound over all.

The frequency response goes down to at least 40Hz, but this may sound better in some rooms due to the room sometimes having a bass-friendly bias. But you'll find that buying new speakers of any quality that go below 40Hz costs quite a lot more, up to and probably beyond $3000.

I've done these ones partly as an exercise in styling: industrial, unashamedly square, but with decorative flourishes of timber and silver bits! However, I'll only put speakers on the market when they sound good to my ear. I've done the fine tuning and these are ready to roll.

I have to sell most of the ones I build since room is limited and I want to go on building. Each model is unique, I do not build the same thing twice as a rule.

SOLD - Vintage Retro Saba Hifi system with Saba speakers $149 - classic looks and very pleasant sound, multi-band tuner (AM/FM/SW) and amplifier, 5-pin DIN inputs for Tape (use for Sonos!) & Phono.

Nordmende Super (Snow White's Coffin) $250 - Valve Table-top Radiogram - working condition, has a few modern mods to the record player which I can tell you about if interested. Lovely piece along similar lines to Braun's very expensive (but mono only)version, but this one is stereo with FM/AM/SW as well. Has some light rust pitting to the record player plinth that could be treated but involves some fiddly work.Very expensive item to freight from Germany, so better by far to buy here - but you will hardly ever see them for sale. Actually I've never seen this model for sale here.

SOLD - Stereo System $269 with JVC JA-S44 amplifier, Yamaha T-460 Tuner, and a pair of my floor speakers featuring the notable Foster SLE 8" air gap woofers.

Excellent sound from this setup, and the retro look is part of the charm. Suit student - or anybody, really!

SOLD - Coral Flat 10 Speakers $499 (my build) in solid pine with hardwoood plinths; best used with a subwoofer, only have bass to 60Hz, but lovely sound.

One of the best drivers ever made.

Satellites & Subwoofer $145 - These are sweet little speakers that I made from solid timber, coupled to a vintage Yamaha NS-W1 subwoofer. Makes a really articulate and enjoyable music setup. Runs from any amplifier with a sub-out on the back, but there are ways of connecting if you don't have an amp with that socket. Ask me about this aspect.

SOLD - Coral 12" with Coral 6" broad range. $375 - UPDATE: SOLD! - a big, warm sounding speaker, easy listening and full-bodied but with good midrange and treble detail. The midrange is operating bipolar so there's rear reflection off the back of the cone too. The nice little cone tweeter is a dual-magnet one from pioneer. Almost not necessary with the Coral mids, but adds nice top end.

Note: those Coral midranges are virtually unobtainable at any price these days.